Trials of the Seven Heroes

A Seige Perilous

Perhaps Gavan shouldn't know this...

The seige was undertaken. The idea occurred to use the combined psychic power of the End of the Line to overwhelm the Lord Emperor. This seemed like a good idea at the time. It happened, by means of a trifecta of Bennett as leader, Brigid and Ridley. The followers of the Purple Emperor put their all into it. This was disasterous to them, as they, in large part, perished in the effort. It did, however, kill the Lord Emperor. Bennett admitted he could have reigned them in, but didn’t think the limited effort would have done what was needed, and so was accepting of the loss. Ghosts had been introduced into the enclave in the meantime, and did some killing of people, both before the mind meld, when it was more difficult and when Darby, with the soulsucking sword, killed some of them, and after, when it was vastly easier, and when Teddy and Darby killed more of them. Further, the shadow monsters also appeared, one of which was mauled by Ellis, who, however, was faced with two of them. The first was made by Mr. Pants to assume its true form, and was badly hurt but retreated. The second tossed Pants away, and then was hit by pressurized lava from Ellis, who fell, his heart failing at the shadow grip, to the ground, and was rescued only by the fact that the shadow beast was badly hurt, and Darby’s arrival at the same time. Darby mananged, with some time and effort, to break up the thing and then feed its shadowy bits into the cooling lava, while rescuing Ellis, legs badly burnt, from the same peril. Pants, on returning, used Gavan’s healing wand to fix the legs, ever so slowly. Teddy and Bennett found the traitors in the city and dealt with them, and Darby found the last shadow and drove it off, eventually, after dark, killing it. Bennett and Brigid went to speak to the Great Priestess, who had taken over immediately the Lord Emperor was felled, and she indicated, to Bennett’s great chagrin, that she was done with them as tools, and that she was taking over all the world, as she had waited for 900 years to do. She indicated she would kill anyone who opposed her, and expressed no real gratitude for the efforts of the heroes. Later, talking to Teddy, she explained to some degree what her position was, and asked that the Master be in touch with her. The Heroes waited for Ellis to heal and Gavan to be aware again, so that they could leave Tuvaladin at last.


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