Trials of the Seven Heroes

Role Reversal

In which they find out what an asshole is

The appearance of Random a moment after Gerard has contacted him does not please the Seven Heroes. He isn’t a nice little man, though he is a little man, and he expresses little interest in them beyond the fact of Brigit’s cloak, and how it was made. Gavan decides to irritate Random to see what will happen—how good is the little man they don’t like? Good enough, it turns out, to almost kill Gavan with a thrown bread knife. While he bleeds, Random, unconcerned with whether Gavan is dying or not, tells Gerard, who goes along with the notion apologetically, to take the cloak, and they depart. Teddy tells them as they leave to look up the Lord Emperor if they want to find out where the cloak came from. The Heroes re-equip themselves with spells (said action causing the local area Bennetts to manifest) and a sketch of the castle, and, after Teddy has wandered off with Darby’s magical language amulet and reappeared some time later dressed in local clothing, all return to Capitol. Gavan, weak and badly hurt, is healed by his own wand, and recovers with wine and Esmeralda. It is decided to go and try to make the meet and greet with the Lord Emperor, and as they are gathering supplies, Brigit’s cloak turns up again, at the tailor’s. Well equipped, they travel to join Ridley in the Stable, and then all proceed first to the Great Priestess, who is bothered to discover that they met Random, and that he is supposedly coming to visit the Lord Emperor, who had been revealed as the source of the cloak. The meeting with the Lord Emperor occurs, and it goes not pleasingly, with the LE offering power and knowledge in exchange for services, and refusing to hand over any of the Songkeepers. The Heroes refuse his offer and are readying themselves to leave when Random and Gerard arrive, having claimed Magister Lucien’s cloak. There is a rather tense standoff for a moment, until the Lord Emperor is outclassed by his foes, and the Songkeeper he has with him is claimed by Random, who gets the answers he wants, but does not, as no one seemed to notice, actually return the Songkeeper as he had bargained. During this confusion, Darby discovered her Primal self, a ferocious bear with horns and spikes that is purely savage and fiercely dangerous. The two men, now thought to be total assholes, depart, and the Heroes hurry away with their prize, the Songkeeper. The Great Priestess (her name is Elizabeth) gives the siren her tongue, and then the siren says there is a plan to escape, which the Heroes facilitate, and then after seeing her off, adjourn to the Stable. While there, some activity takes place in the palace, so that the local Bennett hides in the archives, and stays there as the Lord Emperor, now apparently deprived off all his sirens and likely only having three months to live, sets in motion an attack on the Stable. While the Heroes set up defenses, including Bennett draining all his nearby selves for their strength to create a defensive ward on the walls, Gavan starts a massive conjuration to make all of his followers on this world able to shift to the next one. It will take sixteen hours. As buildings are torn down, and fog rolls off of the Emperor’s hilltop palace to occlude the streets, the seige of the Stable begins. Will the Heroes be able to hold off the Lord Emperor’s wrath for long enough to enable Gavan to save his followers, or will they fail, have to flee and doom thousands to their deaths…


vanheejason vanheejason

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