Eight Worlds

All that is left of the once mighty congeries of worlds that the Purple Emperor put together. At the core, metaphorically speaking, is the Capitol, a world dominated totally by a vast city called also the Capitol, and possessed of millions of thronging inhabitants, as well as the majority of the angels which dwell still in the worlds. Outside of Capitol, there are various paths that lead between the worlds, which are:

Strand, the world of shores and seas, original world of the Sirens.

Dune, a land of mighty deserts surrounded by high mountains with a narrow fertile coast beyond, home to the last god to be found in the eight worlds.

Montaigne, rugged and individualistic world of high valleys and white rivers.

Veldt, a vast world of plains broken by hilly ranges, home to the last redoubt of the Purple Riders.

Urbs, a place of many small continents, dotted with cities and towns.

Fen, damp and cool, littered with swamps between lush patches green hills and soft coastlines.

Arborea, the forest world, held by the Governor General, sole remnant of the old Provincial Government of the Topaz King.

These worlds also have many links one to the other, though in all cases there are more links to Capitol than to the other worlds, another reason Capitol is thought of as the heart of the Eight Worlds.

There are a few weak or almost forgotten ways to yet further worlds, almost all dominated by some noble or another. And there are the sea-borne, song-opened paths of the Sirens, which lead, it is thought, to a great many other worlds. But in truth, for most people, and in most things that matter, there are only Eight Worlds, and perhaps soon, there might be even less, unless the Heroes save them all.

Eight Worlds

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