Trials of the Seven Heroes

A Mountain, a Mob, and some Minions

In which the scattered heroes achieve some things, and fail to achieve others

Divided into three groups, the heroes are still seeking to complete their world attunements.

Darby, having achieved union with Fen, concentrates on calming down the Fenlings, because getting rid of them entirely seems unlikely. They are, she has realized, a part of Fen just like all other things, and vanishing them wouldn’t work well. So instead she focuses on calming them, with reasonable effect, because she makes them stop wanting to slaughter everything. Mostly. The other two Fen Goddesses talk to her in “her” temple and are angry, but Darby explains that if there aren’t any humans, there’s no one to usefully terrorize and intimidate, and the Goddesses eventually agree. So they accept that the Fenlings can be only normally angry and hateful, and they accept that Darby can keep residence in “her” temple, and in fact send her priests. Darby waits for her other minions to arrive while planning to rejoin the others.

On Veldt Gavin, bound to his world as well, concentrates on making the Purple Riders serve him, because he realizes that the original target he had in mind, the portal they guard and use, is not really attached to Veldt at all. After a day or more of focusing, he decides to take a mob of his loyal followers and see where the Riders stand. His approach noted, he discovers that the Riders are divided in their opinions, some of them seeing him as what he claims to be, some denying it. He demands to speak to the Grand Master, and is taken to him. They psychically duel, with Gavin coming out ahead, and the Grand Master, at the last, demanding to know if Gavin is the Purple Emperor, to which the depressing answer is I don’t know. Beaten, the Grand Master agrees to convene the council of the Riders, who, uncertain whether Gavin is what he says, are still excited to hear about the God of Night, and agree to initiate Gavin into the Order, because if he is the Purple Emperor incarnate, he will not need the training, and if he isn’t, he will die, and so much the better. Gavin goes to meditate and clear his mind.

The others are on Montagne, seeking out a focal point for either Ellis or Ridley, one of whom must be attached to the world. Small towns are useless, as is an encounter with a stranger, possibly sorcerous fellow named Tretch. In the major city of Vale, Teddy uncovers information about mines being the common point of the world, otherwise so seperated by mountains into different patches of culture. The Seven Mile Field is the most legendary of all, and it’s to this that he wishes to guide the others, who have gone onto a wild goose chase to the great and terrible mountain called Vapsak, which no man, it is said, has ever climbed. Teddy finds them at the base of the mountain and suggests they should travel to the Seven Mile Field, which he has images of from the mind of a scholar. Brigid sets to making a preliminary stitch pattern.


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