Trials of the Seven Heroes

A week off

Not much happened, and then it did

After some further testy events concerning Arboria’s wizard and his desire to not have Gavan mess with his world, they all went back to the Palace and scattered for a week off. Spells were tested, conjurations made, songs practiced, stitchings embroiders, horses played with and networks developed. Drinks were also had. The Master’s confiscation of the duplicating diamond and gold was noticed. And at the end, a trip was made to Urbs, which revealed that it was rife with rivalrous city-states, most of whom were patronized by noblemen and fought only slightly deadly fueds with their neighbors. Urbs proving not much use beyond poisons and weapons and hats (liberally purchased), they decided to finish with the Fallen on his hot, bright demon-infested world. A long overland journey from the friendly village ended when a mass of some 35 demons attacked, and well thought out plans, along with conjured tricks and spells, succeeded in killing them with minimal harm to the Heroes. But the magical clock is ticking, as it were, and who knows how many more such assaults can be expected? With the Fallen, god or machine or whatever, at the end…


vanheejason vanheejason

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