Trials of the Seven Heroes

Scrambling to Bond

In which some people make bonds, and some don't

Darby really focuses on changing things, but maybe she’s not good at it, or maybe her mind isn’t just right. In any case, she grows some trees, but not quickly. Donovan hangs out with her, though, while the rest go off to find their own bonds.

Part of this is Gavin hurrying to Veldt, where he finds there are half a million of his followers waiting, cultically, to slaughter the Purple Riders if they oppose him. He’s come with Pride, and he uses the horse to serve as his focus, and he bonds with the world pretty quickly. And then settles in to think about what to do with half a million fanatically loyal followers gathered half a day from the enclave of the Riders.

Teddy talks to a Songkeeper, who would certainly be a good focus for Strand, but she will not serve as one until and unless she has some assurance of his intentions, which he cannot or will not give. So it amounts to nothing.

And Brigid, with the rest of them, on Urbs, finds the Duchess, theoretical ruling lady of the world, though this is just a title, not a position of actual power. She is in charge of a city, built on ancient foundations, onto the supposed first city of Urbs, where there is a keystone on the first arch built in the world. To this, she grants her consent, haughty and a bit insane, for Brigid to journey, and she is taken below with Ellis to watch over her. She bonds with the keystone, and with Urbs, and returns to the city above, fleeing the Duchess, who is quite possibly completely insane, and certainly convinced of her own supreme importance. And a good bit of fun, also.

The rest of the heroes, joined by Teddy, make for Montaigne.


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