Trials of the Seven Heroes

Stumped by a Wizard

It's funny, because it happened on Arboria

Teddy visits with the Songkeeper the next morning, and is told that he’ll have to be able to spend at least 12 hours under the water, able to sing, per day, in order to learn most of the secrets fo the Songs of the Sirens. This is something he can’t do, but he realizes maybe Gavan or one of the sorcerers can help him out, so he says that when he’s able to do that, he’ll return. Back at the Palace, the best idea anyone can come up with is the nose frog, a water/air breathing conjuration that will transfer its powers to Teddy, enabling him to breath so long as they remain in contact. Hence hiding it up Teddy’s nose, and the name, Nose Frog.

A visit to Arboria follows, with all the Heroes going to meet the Wizard once again, who simply denied having done anything to foil Gavan’s conjurations. He was also willing to return Gavan’s amulet, and to provide his own means of protecting Donovan, since he certainly didn’t trust the Heroes, being as they were raised by the Master, who he feels is the worst thing in the world, and the enemy of the Governor General and the good old days, and all that sort of thing. But Gavan couldn’t get him to say anything at all concerning breaking his conjurations, and that was, to the cult leader, rather frustrating. Then the Governor General himself came to speak with them, and try to suggest they be responsible and careful, and indicate that he was pleased with the notion that they were going to perhaps put in a new king. He suggested that Teddy or Ellis (still back in the Palace working on his shaped charge spell) would be the best King candidates, a suggestion that no one else disagreed with.


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