Trials of the Seven Heroes

That's How You Make An Entrance

In which a Lady appears, and proves not all Random's kind are jerks

The waters of Fen proving to be bubbly and reactive the next morning, the Heroes thought it the better part of valor to depart the realm before any aftereffects of killing the frog goddess could emerge, but left only just as Fenlings began to rise, fully clothed and ready, from the muck. Back at the Palace, they decided it would be good to take a few moments of downtime, with Bennett beginning to heal, Ellis working on a spell, Teddy and Brigit heading for Strand and Gavan working enchantments on his followers. Few of these things went as planned. Bennett’s healing was hastened along by a somewhat morbidly gleeful Darby wielding the healing wand, but not, mind you, too quickly, so that Bennett, on absorbing grotesque harm from his other selves, would writhe in agony for a bit longer than needed. Gavan’s enchantments would turn out to be negated over the next few days, one after another, until he carefully left out Arboria, where he suspected his work was being undone by the Governor General’s Wizard. And Teddy’s mission to meet the Songkeepers would be interrupted by the sudden return of Donovan to the Palace, with Brigit vanishing off to see him, and Teddy later following.

But there were problems with Donovan, too, as he became horrified by the fate of poor Thomas, and fled magically back to Arboria. Eventually persuaded to come back by promises from the Seven Heroes to be good, he returned, and Gavan became aware he no longer had his protective amulet, which the Wizard had taken charge of, apparently. This was bothersome, and added to the role call of things that Gavan wanted to talk about with the Wizard, especially after the Master denied all responsibility for troubling with Gavan’s conjurations (on his cult, at least—there was some other thing he mentioned, but Gavan was easily distracted by his current concerns).

Donovan suggested going out to dinner at a great steakhouse he knew, and the Heroes all reassembled, Bennett taking a break from the last of the healing, to attend dinner. Partway through, in a sudden confluence of lights by the door, the Lady walked in. She was a knockout, the sort of girl you sell out your friends for, the kind that makes you howl at the moon, and she walked right up to their table and had a chair brought for her. Florimel was her name, and she was come, she claimed, as an emissary from Random’s folk, to try to figure out what it was the Seven Heroes wanted in the big wide world. She ate like a champ, drank like a fish, smoked like a pro, was charming and flirty, and in the end got the Heroes to agree, essentially, to deal with their own problems before moving out and looking for any more. She also seemed more than willing to take them on as proteges (clients? servants? I guess it depended on how charming you found her….) She left then, and a few moments later, all accoutrements of her visit were gone, even her chair, without anyone making them so.

There was some talk of this. There was some amount of promising to be better people. There was Teddy heading back to Strand to keep his appointment with the Songkeeper. And then, to bed.


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